COVID-19 Services

Our services include creating/reviewing exposure control plans, reviewing programs and their implementation, emergency COVID response requirements, giving advice on respiratory protection and cleaning procedures / sanitizers, training, fit testing, and performing on-site audits.

Work Camp Services

We provide auditing for the camps COVID-19 protocol to ensure their requirements are met for the hosting of  employees and contractors.  These audits can include:

  • medic and regular temperature check requirements;
  • physical distancing in common areas and dining rooms;
  • safe food handling (like eliminating self-serve options for salads and cutlery);
  • disinfection chemicals;
  • types of PPE;
  • required supplies of cleaning materials and PPE;
  • the camp’s emergency response and isolation procedures in the event of a suspected case;
  • training on PPE, including donning and doffing;
  • updating procedures in accordance with the latest public health orders;
  • reporting, including photo logs.

We provide friendly service with expert and approachable staff, dedicated to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all camp occupants.

Reopening Services

We can provide COVID-19 guidance to the following industries:

Office Spaces Accommodations Arts & Entertainment Children’s Services Commercial
  • commercial
  • industrial
  • hotels
  • homes
  • lodging
  • shelters
  • live theatre
  • movie theatres
  • day camp
  • day care
  • day homes
  • childcare centers
  • public markets
  • shopping centers
  • retail
Construction Educational Establishments Gatherings Manufacturing Personal Services
  • construction services
  • schools
  • post-secondary
  • funeral homes
  • outdoor events
  • rallies
  • worship events
  • food processing
  • warehouse
  • logistics
  • small manufacturing
  • disability services
  • hair salons
  • personal services
Public Services Recreational Recreational Restaurants Transportation
  • museums
  • libraries
  • dog parks
  • hunting/fishing
  • interpretive attractions
  • wading pools
  • swimming pools
  • playgrounds
  • amateur sports
  • gyms
  • shooting ranges
  • bars
  • restaurants
  • buses
  • rideshares
  • taxis


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