Asbestos Testing

Whether you need a building inspection to determine the presence of asbestos, or you require asbestos air sampling as part of an asbestos abatement project, we can help.

Hazardous Materials Building Evaluations

We perform thorough asbestos and hazard materials building evaluations:

  • Inspections to identify asbestos-containing materials
  • Bulk asbestos sampling
  • Assessing the risk level

We do not perform asbestos removal. However, our asbestos remediation services include:

  • Development of remediation plans
  • Inspection of the containment set-up prior to remediation, contractor training records, equipment and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Oversight of the remediation process
  • Post remediation inspection and asbestos air sampling for verification
  • Asbestos air monitoring results provided promptly right on site
  • Report preparation

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